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Pifocal is on a mission to build software solutions with computer vision, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and other cognitive capabilities. We are passionate to help you transform your products for growth and optimize your operations for optimal efficiency.


Here’s what a project looks like:

  • During initial meetings, we gain an understanding of customer’s challenges, requirements, and business objectives

  • Next, our engineers and data science team works to develop a solution strategy

  • After your approval, we build a proof of concept or full solution. Depending on your requirements, this includes data acquisition and understanding, algorithm design, and model evaluation/tuning. It also involves deploying the software in the cloud and/or downloading it to a chip for IoT devices.

  • Finally, we test and monitor the solution from an end to end perspective to ensure it works as expected.


The above process is done in an agile and iterative manner for fast experimentation and results. After a solution is completed, we also offer management and maintenance services for deployment and enhancements.

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Your Benefits

With the cutting-edge software we build for you, you can more successfully:

  • engage with customers: we can help analyze your customer problems - provide faster, better resolution with AI - creating a compelling experience.  

  • empower employees: with the backend tools we can provide your business, your employees can simply do more.

  • optimize operations: we’ll help automate your business to become more adaptive, agile and efficient.

  • transform products: use our solutions to add new capabilities to your product. This can help penetrate your target market or expand across markets.  


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Computer Vision

From face identification to defect inspection in mechanical parts, computer vision will add new capabilities to your business and product.

Language Processing

Build A.I. automation into how you analyze and respond to unstructured linguistic content, be it text messages, emails, or audio files.

Data Engineering

Let us do the hard work of refining your big data—extraction, cleaning, transformation, and visualization.

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