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Pifocal’s CEO is Mak Agashe. Mak was a General Manager at Microsoft where he led a 1300+ person team of software engineers, program managers, data scientists, and architects. He helped build many versions of Windows operating system, Developer tools, and Bing AI products/services. After working at Microsoft for 19 years, Mak embarked on his own and co-founded Pramak. At Pramak, he and his team built cloud and IoT solutions for large enterprises such as Honeywell, Intel, Microsoft and others. After working at Pramak for 5 years, Pifocal was started as its offshoot.
Pifocal is on a mission to apply intelligent systems and technology to optimize operations, improve productivity, and build innovative products.
Pifocal has a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in Computer Vision, Data Engineering, Linguistic Analysis, and Machine Learning. Our team is located in the US and overseas.

Rudy Gadre, Business Advisor

Pradeep Bahl, Technology Advisor

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Rudy is an active angel investor, advisor to start ups, and currently a Venture Partner at Co-op. From September 1994 to February 1999, Rudy, a trained lawyer, worked at Perkins Coie LLP as an associate in the technology business group. 

Pradeep has been working in the high-tech industry for more than 30 years.  During this time he has architected, designed, and implemented many services and technologies in both user and kernel spaces on Windows, UNIX, and VMS. 

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Our Commitment
We base our work on these 4 principles:
  • Innovation: Suggest and implement innovative ideas that will create true value for our customers.
  • Responsiveness: Provide deliverables on or before the due date. Respond quickly to customer queries.
  • Excellence: Achieve excellence in everything we do—writing a product specification, creating algorithms, writing code, deployment/maintenance, etc.
  • Integrity: Maintain highest level of integrity in everything we do. Comply with privacy, security and other obligations as required by law and/or the customer.
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