About Us

Pifocal’s CEO is Mak Agashe. Mak was a General Manager at Microsoft where he led a 1300+ person team of software engineers, program managers, data scientists, and architects. He helped build many versions of Windows operating system, Developer tools, and Bing AI products/services. After working at Microsoft for 19 years, Mak embarked on his own and co-founded Pramak. At Pramak, he and his team built cloud and IoT solutions for large enterprises such as Honeywell, Intel, Microsoft and others.
After working at Pramak for 5 years, Pifocal was started as its offshoot.
Pifocal is on a mission to apply intelligent systems and technology to scenarios that would benefit from digital transformation; benefits include optimizing operations, improving productivity, and building innovative products
Our Commitment
We base our work on these 4 principles:
  • Innovation: Suggest and implement innovative ideas that will create true value for our customers.
  • Responsiveness: Provide deliverables on or before the due date. Respond quickly to customer queries.
  • Excellence: Achieve excellence in everything we do—writing a product specification, creating algorithms, writing code, deployment/maintenance, etc.
  • Integrity: Maintain highest level of integrity in everything we do. Comply with privacy, security and other obligations as required by law and/or the customer.
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